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Undergraduate Education                                          

Professional introduction:

 Calligraphy specialty began to recruit students in 2003; it is the first university to recruit calligraphic students in the northwest of China. The birth of Calligraphy specialty is to meet the growing needs of material, cultural artistic life and the development of the painting and calligraphy art market. This specialty has strong teachers team and excellent teaching conditions. In recent years, teachers and students of this specialty have won many papers and calligraphy works awards in all levels of various types of national professional competitions.

Main courses:

The introduction of art, Chinese art history, Chinese calligraphy history, Chinese calligraphy theory, Calligraphy techniques, Seal cutting techniques, calligraphy and painting techniques, Calligraphy and painting appreciation, Ancient Chinese, Philology, Education and so on.

Employment direction:

Institutions of calligraphy education; Art galleries; Museums; Cultural and historical museums; Publishing houses or other industries.

Postgraduate Education                                          

Program duration:

Normally 3 years, and the longest span is no more than 4 years.

Research direction:

Creation of calligraphy and research.

Cultivating style and methods:

1. Focus on professional characteristics, practice based on theory and quality cultivation; carries out systematic and comprehensive professional training for students; adopts classroom teaching, combine individual skill training, collective training and art practice together.

2. Tutor responsibility system and employing high-level artists to guide the art practice.

3. Students must attend professional practice at least 1 academic year. In principle, postgraduates should enter the professional practice stage after completing all the curriculum learning plans.

4. Postgraduate training is divided into three main links, which is course learning, professional practice and dissertations. The course learning and professional practice are quantified by the credit system, and the examination is divided into two ways: examination and check.

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